Water pipe turbines

The LucidPipeTM Power System generates environmentally-friendly hydropower with no impact on water delivery. Unique, spherical turbines are installed inside large-diameter (24” – 60”) gravity-fed water transmission pipelines. The turbines spin as water passes through them, converting excess head pressure into electricity. Multiple turbines can be mounted in series, one after the other, to maximize energy output.

Unlike conventional hydropower* and in-pipe PRV replacement** technologies, the LucidPipe Power System does not inhibit water delivery and operates in a wide range of pipe diameters and pressure/flows.

* Conventional hydropower technologies have been adapted for in-pipe applications, but are not suitable for use in water transmission pipelines because they deplete 95% of the pressure and usually require bypass loops.

** In-pipe pressure reduction valve (PRV) replacement technologies extract significant pressure and are not suitable for use in large-diameter water transmission pipes where pressure and flow velocity must be maintained.