Green Energy News

The Spherical Sun Power Generator

German Architect Andre Broessel believes he has a solution that can “squeeze more juice out of the sun”, even during the night hours and in low-light regions. His company Rawlemon has created a spherical sun power generator prototype called the beta.ray. His technology will combine spherical geometry principles with a dual axis tracking system, allowing twice the yield of a conventional solar panel in a much smaller surface area. The futuristic design is fully rotational and is suitable for inclined surfaces, walls of buildings, and anywhere with access to the sky. It can even be used as an electric car charging station.

Whirlpool turbine creates fish-friendly hydropower

Turbulent’s goal is to provide sustainable energy for remote communities in a manner that causes no harm to the environment. Using the constancy of the flow of water as the power source, Turbulent’s hydropower generators work around-the-clock.

Wave energy generation

The floaters draw energy from incoming waves by converting the rising and falling motion of the waves into an clean energy generation process. More precisely, the movement of the floaters compresses and decompresses hydraulic pistons which transmit bio-degradable hydraulic fluid into land located accumulators. In the accumulators, at a pressure is being built. This pressure rotates a hydraulic motor, which rotates the generator, and then the electricity is transferred into the grid, via an inverter.

Tidal Energy

Tidal energy is a renewable energy powered by the natural rise and fall of ocean tides and currents. Some of these technologies include turbines and paddles.
Different Types of Tidal Energy Systems

GE to Manufacture Offshore Wind Turbines

GE, the US industrial group, is promoting and showing confidence in offshore wind technology by buying ScanWind, which makes direct-drive turbine components. This move will help in generating thousands of new jobs in the field of designing and manufacturing turbines. This move will affirm the confidence of investors in the fledgling offshore wind industry, which has been weighed down by concerns about costs and reliability. GE is moving ahead with establishing turbine manufacturing facilities to serve the European markets at first.

Floating Solar Panels: A Viable Solution?

Since 2011, French Company Ciel & Terre has been developing large-scale floating solar solutions. Their innovative Hydrelio Floating PV system allows standard PV panels to be installed on large bodies of water such as: drinking water reservoirs, quarry lakes, irrigation canals, remediation and tailing ponds, and hydro electric dam reservoirs. This simple and affordable alternative to ground-mounted systems is particularly suitable for water-intensive industries who cannot afford to waste either land or water.

Solar panel driveways

Solar panel driveways may soon be powering all our households with clean electricity thanks to this Budapest-based startup.

For the last five years, Platio Solar has been developing new ways of implementing solar technology into urban spaces—and one of their latest developments is a residential solar paneled driveway made out of recycled plastic bottles.

According to a video that was published by the company last week, the solar system is the first to generate power from the pavement of a residential household.

Water pipe turbines

The LucidPipeTM Power System generates environmentally-friendly hydropower with no impact on water delivery. Unique, spherical turbines are installed inside large-diameter (24” – 60”) gravity-fed water transmission pipelines. The turbines spin as water passes through them, converting excess head pressure into electricity. Multiple turbines can be mounted in series, one after the other, to maximize energy output.

Nissan Launches 7-seater Electric Minivan

Ever wanted to own an electric car, but didn’t think any of the current options were practical? Think again! Nissan is turning over a new leaf with it’s new 100% electric e-NV200 — a 7-seater electric minivan — perfect for cargo, families and even taxis. Previously only available as a 5-seater, the new model has two seats in the front, three in the middle and two in the rear. The new model was debuted at the recent 2015 Geneva Motor Show, and will go on sale in Europe in April.